Tuesday, 30 June 2015


 Hey guys,

So it's been a (long) while since my last post. I just haven't had a ton to say. In a bit of a rut I guess.

But I've been up to a few things. I fell into a dark game pit called This War of Mine. I have NEVER been half as invested in a game as I am in that game. When things spiraled out of control and I lost my last survivor on day 42, I was heartbroken. And angry, Either way, I'm trying again, but it's one of the most stressful games I've ever played.

In other exciting news, I'm going to JAPAN!! I am so excited! I'll be leaving July 8 and be coming home July 18. So a fairly short trip, but I'm so excited. I haven't been overseas in 5 years, so this trip should satisfy my wanderlust for a while. Plus my boyfriend is starting school in July for a solid 3 years with no summer break (accelerated program).

Also, starting planning for Edmonton Expo in September. I have tentative accommodations and tons to do on the two cosplays I'd like to make for the con. I want to complete both Jafar and Hannah from Rat Queens. So much to do, since I haven't started either.

Anyway, that's all that's all I have now. I promise to a better blogger in the future!