Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Bit of a Change...

So, you might have noticed that I changed a few little things about this blog. Like the name. And the URL. Here's why:

Even though Lady Geek Out was still a very new blog (less than a month old!), all of my new blog enthusiasm was fizzling. I love chatting about geeky things like tv show fandoms and games, but that's not all of who I am. Sure it's fine if I want to squee about my new Doctor Who t-shirts, but what if I want to talk about nail polish or loose leaf tea or photography? Would that fit in Lady Geek Out? Probably not. When I started the blog, I had big plans of a schedule and lots of great content. But in reality, that schedule was already stressing me out and the focus of my content was too narrow.

So rather than get frustrated and let this blog wither and die, I decided to make a change. Thus Lady Geek Out was transformed into A Wild Charming Thing. Will I still talk about gaming and cosplay? Of course! But now I also feel like I'm free to talk about other things, like food and beauty and fashion and photography and my ongoing love affair with loose leaf tea.

I really hope the small number of current readers I have aren't turned off by this change and I hope new readers aren't turned off by my mercurial nature. But either way, blogging is a hobby and I need to do it in a way that works for me!


  1. Nice! :D I think I knew you had another blog a while ago, Megan, but I feel like it was a different one though. I definitely approve of changes! It's working for me on my blog. I'm sure I'll stop doing soooo many once a week, but I figured for the first week, I'd try to do most of what I said I would in my tentative schedule. ;) Plus, some of the posts are really fun to set up!! :D

    I'm looking forward to seeing more on both of your blogs, Megan! :D

  2. Yaay, another loose leaf tea lover! Can't wait to see the new content. :)