Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I'm back and starting to stress

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the mini break! I need some time away from the computer etc.

Anyway, I'm back and Calgary Expo is only a week and half away! I still have so much to do! Here's where I'm at:

Poison Ivy:

  • Style wig
  • Choose and possible alter shoes
  • Test makeup and body art
  • Make Shirt - This is the part that stressing me out, since I haven't even really started it yet. Just planned the patterns I will use.
Because both are new costumes, I'll also need to do a test run to make sure everything looks ok.

I also need to decide which to wear Saturday and which to wear Sunday. I'm planning to do a photo op with Jewel Staite (Kaylee from Firefly) and she's not there Sunday, so Saturday it will have to be so I'm trying to decide which costume will be easier to tone down for the photo. I'm also crossing my fingers that I can be near the front of the line so I can still make it to the costume contest afterwards. I'm leaning towards Belle, since there's no wig involved, so if I take off the hair bow and throw on a t-shirt, it should work. However, that also means I'll be doing Poison Ivy, which is definitely a bit more revealing, on Sunday without my boyfriend. It should be fine, since I'm planning to meet up with some friends hopefully. Plus it will just push me to be more confident.

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