Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Work-In-Progress Wednesday (Real Clothes Edition) - Lady Skater Dress Version 0

No cosplay WIP today. I've decided to take a mini-break from costumes since I don't think I will going to any more cons until September. I really need to get more into amine so I can start going to the plentiful anime conventions in the area. I always feel so old around anime fans, since most of them are in junior/high school at cons.

It's not actually this boxy/frumpy in it's finished state (I hope)

Anyways, back on topic. This week I've started making a muslin of the Lady Skater Dress bodice from Kitschy-Coo. I really like supporting indie designers and I actually got this pattern as part of a past Perfect Pattern Parcel. Right now I'm just putting together a muslin of the bodice to check the fit with some old fabric before I dive into making a cute blue skater dress with my 'good' fabric. Although if this bodice doesn't need too many adjustments, I'm planning to try to add a skirt and make a dress out of it as well. I'm currently in the process of attaching the neckline to the bodice.

Also, every time my boyfriend sees this fabric, he says "turtleneck and chains."

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