Friday, 9 May 2014

Sewing and Sewing Indie

I'm just going to throw this out there: I love sewing. Like really enjoy it. Not just for costumes, but I love sewing everyday clothes as well. There's just something about building a connection to clothes and knowing it's history and where it came from that is so different than the 'fast fashion' you find in the shopping mall (but that's a topic for another post).
So basically, I wanted to announce that 'm going to be including sewing as a fairly major portion of this blog. It will consist of both cosplay and everyday garments and will be awesome!

It was through reading sewing blogs that I learned it's possible to move beyond the "Big 4" sewing pattern companies and into the amazing world of indie pattern designers. And as if the cute designers weren't enough to make you want to support these small businesses, a bunch of them have partnered together for Sewing Indie Month! There's an awesome competition that I've already made some plans for (fabric is washed for garment #1)! And, as an added bonus, one of my favourite indie pattern designers (I'm dying to get my hands on a Sugarplum pattern), Lolita Patterns is even having a sale to celebrate. Check out the post here!

Sewing Indie Month

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