Wednesday, 26 August 2015

WIP Wednesday: Jafar (1)

As promised, here is my Work In Progress Wednesday for my Jafar costume.

Part one is the derpiest muslin I've ever made (including one made with entirely cow fabric from the clearance section). But if you look past the cute printed flannelette, I'm happy with the general shape and fit (giant shoulder wings make doorways fun). However, I'm now just waiting for my fabric to arrive to me so I can start sewing!

 Part two is the progress on the staff. I apologize for the terrible lighting, but I had a busy night and only managed to snap some pictures now at 9:30 pm. Sorry not sorry. Next up for the staff is some serious sanding, followed by paper mache (I've been collecting grocery flyers, since I don't get a newspaper).

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