Monday, 31 August 2015

Fall Film Challenge

This fall film challenge was created by Jen from quirky pickings (her post is here). I think I signed up for this challenge last year, then proceeded to watch exactly zero of the films (and basically stopped blogging, but let's not talk about that).

Basically, the challenge starts tomorrow, September 1 and runs until November 30. All films must be previously unseen and have been shown in a theater. If you want to join in, got to this Facebook group!

one. any set in new york city. Wolf of Wallstreet
two. any incorporating hot air balloons in the story. Up
three. any featuring a child as the main character. The Goonies
four. any disney film. Frozen
five. any set in egypt OR that has an egyptian character OR that stars an egyptian actor/actress. Prince of Egypt
six. a close friend or family member's favorite film. Skyfall
seven. any with the word great in the title. The Great Gatsby
eight. any starring harrison ford. Hollywood Homicide
nine. any featuring an idiot as the main character. Our Idiot Brother
ten. any mentioned in levis strauss' list: denim in the oscars: a look at jeans in cinema. Brokeback Mountain
eleven. a film about a knight. Braveheart
twelve. a love story. Pretty Woman
thirteen. a movie about something miraculous. Soul Surfer 
fourteen. any starring an actor/actress with the same first name as yours. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
fifteen. a film about the olympics. Foxcatcher
sixteen. a film on time magazine's list: the top ten newspaper movies. His Girl Friday
seventeen. any with a question in the title. Who's Counting?
eighteen. any with a score of ninety percent or greater on rotten tomatoes. The Avengers
nineteen. a film about a superhero. X-men: Days of Future Past
twenty. any with subtitles. The Lunchbox
twenty-one. any incorporating unicorns in the story. Blade Runner
twenty-two. a film about a personal victory. Pitch Perfect
twenty-three. a film with black or white in the title. Men In Black III
twenty-four. any set in a country you would most like to visit. The Best Offer
twenty-five. a film set in a zoo. Zookeeper

I feel like this list is so much more cultured than I am!


  1. You have SO many movies in this list that I've seen and loved. The Great Gatsby, Pitch Perfect, Skyfall, Braveheart, Pretty Woman, The Avengers. Good luck with it!

  2. Great picks!!! I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby and Soul Surfer. Pitch Perfect is one of my favorites. :-)

  3. hey! thanks for the shout out. you've got a good list here. i'm happy you're taking part. :]

  4. I'm doing this challenge too! Got your link from Facebook. We'll both be watching Up, Blade Runner, His Girl Friday, and Zookeeper.

    Of the things I've seen on your list, I like Frozen, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Avengers, and Pitch Perfect a lot. I was actually disappointed in Foxcatcher. It dragged a little more than I would have liked. A lot of people really love it though.

    Good luck! :)

  5. I have The Lunchbox on my list, too!! I can't wait to hear what you think!!

  6. SOOO many great movies on your list!!! Enjoy watching them :)

  7. The Wolf of Wall Street is an amazing film, on for a long time but still enjoyable! Definitely a must watch.
    I can't believe you haven't seen Frozen, although I love Disney movies so that is probably why i've seen it!
    I will be watching Zookeeper and The Great Gatsby with you, can't wait to find out what you thought!

  8. Great list! You've never seen Pretty Woman or Goonies?! I hope they stood the test of time. :) I have Zookeeper and Blade Runner on my list too. I can't wait to see what you think!