Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Beauty Tuesday: Ipsy Feb 2015

Ipsy is my favourite beauty box subscription. For $14.95 a month, I feel like the items you get are pretty well worth it, since I think you could only get 2 items for that price in the store. I've tried a few others (Julep and Topbox), but I think ipsy is the best value.

This month I got:

Cargo Cosmetics lip gloss in Anguilla

Cargo is a brand I've heard of before and wanted to try, so I was pretty excited when this arrived. Unfortunately, I don't feel like it's a very flattering shade (and I have seen quite of few people on ipsy also complaining that it's not a good shade for them either). I think it kind of makes me look like I have no lips or maybe they have frostbite or something because they are weirdly pale. I'm going to try layering this over some lipstick and hope for a better result.

Model co blush in Peach Bellini 02

I like to add a bit of blush in the winter to keep me from looking too pale. I usually opt for a more rosy pink, but this colour has grown on my the longer I've worn it, so I will definitely use it when I want to switch things up a little bit.

Pencil Me In eye accent pencil in Amethyst

I prefer super soft and smudgy pencil eyeliners, so this one is a bit hard for me. That said, I like the colour and I think the sharpener in the lid is super clever.

Luxie Beauty Large Angled Brush

This brush is so soft! I really like it. I think the angle works pretty well and I'm happy to include this in my growing brush collection.

Eva NYC Up All Night Volumizing Spray

Honestly, this product is no something I will use a ton. My main hair concern is frizz, so volume is usually not an issue. I added this along with my usual frizz control rpodcut and didn't really notice a difference. The next day I used to some to try to refresh my hair, but it got a bit too frizzy and ended up in a ponytail. However, it does smell really good! I am going to use it as a heat protectant when I straighten. I think it's mostly designed for when you blow-dry, something I almost never do.

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  1. I wonder if you could use the lipgloss over another shade?