Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WIP Wednesday: Poison Ivy #3

I haven't made as much progress over the last week as I had hoped, but this weekend was a bit of a blur, so that's probably part of it. But I'm trying out a new time management system, since my BF got a new job and now leaves 2 hours before me. Basically, I'll be giving myself 30-60 minutes in my sewing room every morning. I tried it out this morning and so far I like it (except for the part where my serger thread broke and now I need to re-gather a section, since the serger cut off the gathering threads. But the 3 main pieces (front, front lining and back) are now connected (only on one side, but still). This is progress! And hopefully next week it will actually look like a swim suit. Or at least be able to be turned right-side-out!

1 comment:

  1. I tried to make a swimsuit once.. It was a nightmare! Good Luck with yours, though! Can't wait to see it ;)